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at the Plaza,
in Carmel
225A Carmel Plaza
(831) 300-0900

Watch Around Carmel with Hunter Finnell and explore the majestic allure of the towns and cities all around the Central Coast. Every month Hunter features an interesting, educational or entertaining local event or organization as the Host Sponsor of his television show, and weaves it together with stories about interesting businesses and the popular people that operate them.  Around Carmel is great for locals as well as visitors wanting to dive deeper into our lovely coastal community. Watch it here or on Comcast.

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• Channel 2 (Monterey-Salinas)  Sat -Sun 11 AM,
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Show Airs Dec. 2 -Jan. 2, 2013.

After nearly 3 years on air, the December version of our TV Show marks the final episode of *Around Carmel with Hunter Finnell.*
In this program, you will learn about PEJMANI of Belgium – an internationally acclaimed fine-jewelry company with stores across the globe.
Yet, the only PEJMANI of Belgium store in the U.S. is located at the famous Carmel Plaza.
Ramin Movahedi, President of the U.S.A division of PEJMANI, helps illustrate the
uniqueness of his true gem of a jewelry store in Carmel-by-the-Sea.

Also, please tune in this January as Around Carmel transforms itself into
the brand new TV Show *Monterey Bay and Beyond with
Hunter Finnell.*
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Full segment list:
1.Pejmani Segment #1, click here to play video
2. William’s Gallery, click here to play video
3. Pejmani Segment #2, click here to play video
4. Sandbar and Grill
5. Pejmani Segment #3, click here to play video
6. The Dutches, click here to play video
7. Burns Cowboy Shop
8. Madrigal,  click here to play video
9. Santa’s Workshop, click here to play video
10. Pejmani Segment #4, click here to play video

225A Carmel Plaza
(831) 300-0900

William’s Gallery
(831) 419-9001


The Dutches
831-625-5050-w cell 408-506-4444

Santa’s Workshop
SE corner of Delores and 5th Avenue. In Carmel by the Sea

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