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The Artist’s
3rd floor the Plaza, in Carmel
1. William’s Gallery
2. Raskin Gallery
3. Shoulders Photography Gallery
4. Lucas Blok Gallery
5. Campbell Studios & Gallery

The November, 2012 episode of *Around Carmel with Hunter Finnell* takes you to the shopping jewel of Carmel-by-the-Sea, the Carmel Plaza.  A gifted venue with many high-end nationally known stores, the Carmel Plaza also features desirable restaurants and shops such as cosmetic “Cos Bar of Carmel” and delightful clothing stores: “The Dutches“, and marvelous “Madrigal“.  Moreover, you’ll also meet the amazing artists on the 3rd floor of the Carmel Plaza, who will catch your photographic eye and paint your perfect picture.

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• Channel 17 (Monterey-Salinas) & Channel 32 in Santa Cruz, Monday through Sunday 5:30 PM
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Show Airs Nov. 5 -Dec. 2, 2012.

Full segment list:
1. William’s Gallery, click here to play video
2. Montrio Bistro
3. Rio Grill
4. Sandbar and Grill
5. Tarpy’s Roadhouse
6. Shoulders Photography Gallery, click here to play video
7. Madrigal, click here to play video
8. The Dutches, click here to play video
9. Lucas Blok Gallery, click here to play video
10. Bittner
11. Campbell Studios & Gallery, click here to play video
12. Burns Cowboy Shop
13. Cos Bar of Carmel, click here to play video
14. Raskin Gallery, click here to play video

 Video for Around Carmel with Hunter Finnell  provided by Torkos Media.

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